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Meridian-Universal LLC is a new Merchant Banking and Fund Management company, currently awaiting its FCA Authorisation, and focusing on Infrastructure and Trade Finance. 

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The Firm conducts investment banking to finance infrastructure development in emerging markets, conducting extensive due diligence, project origination, M&A, and issuance's including structured debt and equities.

Our mandate is focused on investing in infrastructure assets that deliver essential goods and services—from the movement of passengers and freight over toll roads and rail networks, to the distribution of energy and other products through ports and pipelines, and much more. 

> Fund Management

Infrastructure Fund focused on frontier and emerging markets between Europe and Asia, with strict ESG alignment. Sectors include transport infrastructure, renewable energy, data and battery storage. The fund is aligned with Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank governance principles, is based in London UK, and is strategically aligned with Private Infrastructure Development Group on Frontier and Emerging Market Investments. Mandate includes BRI and OPIC related markets. 

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