Infrastructure Investment Banking

The Firm conducts investment banking to finance infrastructure development in emerging markets, conducting extensive due diligence, project origination, M&A, and issuance's including structure debt, listings, and long-term bonds for long-term institutional investors including pension funds and insurance companies.

Global investors are seeking long-term stable yield-driven investments, and infrastructure bonds offer this. Our Investment Banking team focus on this niche sector, where we see a booming demand in Asia given the need for greenfield infrastructure development. We work directly with governments, provincial authorities, and Tier I contractors and operators across different stable income driven infrastructure asset-classes to bring new projects to capital markets. The advantages to this are to bring liquidity, diversified capital sources, lower-cost of capital, longer-term tenures, and a larger runway for growth given the huge gap in required investments for infrastructure in Asia over the coming 10-20 years. Our goal in infrastructure investment banking is to lead the required financing therefore enabling infrastructure development as Asia emerges as the strongest economic zone in the world.