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Meridian Universal is specialised in Real Estate and Infrastructure, given their impacts on long-term capital growth, sustainable urban development, and ability to provide long-term inflation-adjusted returns. With our focus in Eastern Europe and Asia, the runway is tremendously long in the scope and diversity of options that are emerging, and we are well poised to take advantage of these opportunities given our multi-disciplinary foundations and long-term strategy. Given the way global trade and economic poles are shifting, the assets we have been focusing on building from renewable energy plants to hospitals and commercial office developments, we are definitely investing for a better future whilst being able to capitalise in the growth these help to catalyze. 

Facilitating sustainable urbanization in fastest growing economies

Some of the fastest growing economies in the world have an equal demand for sustainable real estate. Our combined services of investment and development and strong local partnerships are well placed to provide long-term thinking about how the next economic powerhouses will look and function in the future. 

Planting critical infrastructure to underpin a changing global landscape

Infrastructure is the hidden star of growth - without investment, we are locked in the past. Our mission is to ensure these backbones in society are created, supported, and maximized as platforms for change. 

Focused on growth corridors between Europe and Asia

We have recognised early on the opportunities available in frontier and emerging markets between Europe and Asia - these markets have a clear growth runway we are supporting, and aim to be leading finance partners as these markets emerge from lower/upper middle income to high income economies.