Investing in the future

The world is always changing, and we need to be ready. Investing in the future helps us prepare, and our company is dedicated towards that premise. Our focus is infrastructure and real estate supporting sustainable urbanisation and healthier living.

Increasing competition is seeing a shift in trade in both volume and value from the west to east. At its beginning stages, the widely acknowledged momentum is projected to represent the greatest runway of economic growth since the industrial revolution in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Largely thanks to stabilizing policies in FDI, strategic frameworks provided by BRI, OPIC, and other multi-lateral regional infrastructure growth frameworks, and buoyant, cultural and domestic competition, this change is happening, quickly. As a firm, we decided early on, that this was where the future was, and we want to be a part of it. 

This has evolved to taking a leadership position where it comes to financing in a semi-multi-lateral capacity, as well as focusing on the major shifting sectors including healthcare, renewable energy, and transport infrastructure - all cornerstones of the fastest growing sectors in the frontier and emerging markets. The opportunity we have in front of us is growing this influence to create, alongside our investment and sponsor partners, the critical infrastructure and real estate needed to support this growth.  Much of the infrastructure and urban fabric needed is either highly deficient or non-existent in the majority of cases, and so we have a great opportunity to help shape these economies and urban developments using best practice in technology, corporate governance, and sustainability.


The momentum is also driving the growth of highly competitive and pioneering companies that will be future Fortune 500 companies, some of which have already got there, and again, are operating in a space that is only starting to be accessed by traditional institutional capital. This landscape is now changing, and at Meridian we are taking leadership in being the financier and capital partner of choice to facilitate this growth and be a part of the future. 

Facilitating sustainable urbanization in fastest growing economies

Some of the fastest growing economies in the world have an equal demand for sustainable real estate. Our combined services of investment and development and strong local partnerships are well placed to provide long-term thinking about how the next economic powerhouses will look and function in the future. 

Planting critical infrastructure to underpin the changing global landscape

Infrastructure is the hidden star of growth - without investment, we are locked in the past. Our mission is to ensure these backbones in society are created, supported, and maximized as platforms for change.