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Our goal is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors while protecting them against downside risk. Our assets are diversified by sector and geography, reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility. In investment vehicles, we seek to generate superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core real estate capabilities—leasing, financing, development, design and construction, and property and facilities management.

Developed markets are awash with private equity fishing for the best real estate deals. These are largely lead from executives with little to no prior hands-on real estate experience, to understand the implications developments have on communities, stakeholders, or social cohesion. This has seen disruption of social cohesion, more transient communities, and growing disquiet in many of these urban areas where real estate has become highly commoditised.


At Meridian Universal, we have the benefit to understand the medium-to-long term impacts of walls in society given our hands-on real estate experience in Architecture, Engineering, and active development, and from this experience see that carefully planned developments that are integrated into their local communities tend to become catalysts for future growth with higher-average returns on equity with often unexpected bonus additional outcomes. Given growing disenfranchisement of society with the banking profession, we take this responsibility of building with community seriously, and so, as part of our efforts in the developing and frontier markets, where cities are being created from scratch, these principles put us in positions of leadership.

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