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Meridian-Universal LLC is an infrastructure investment banking and fund management firm, financing sustainable urbanisation to facilitate growth, development, and economic expansion. Markets include the UK, Europe, and Asia, with office locations in London, Hong Kong, and China. Broad sector focus includes renewable energy, transport, healthcare, and commercial real estate.

Given the fundamental human desire for progress, we are seeing a re-balancing of the world. Infrastructure and Real Estate development is needed to support urbanisation in emerging markets, however accessibility has been one of the biggest challenges. Our firm is specialised in bridging this gap – creating access by directly originating projects, securitising, and investing.


Our firm focuses on identifying suitable opportunities, working directly with government and tier I sponsors, and structuring projects so they are investable either within our funds or global institutional investors including pension funds, insurance companies, banks, private equity or family offices.


The demand for development and shortage of government investment is one of the worlds greatest challenges, especially as we shift towards more climate-friendly solutions. We have identified this need and our firm has developed products to bridge this gap, both as an opportunity and a duty. We have identified a need of over US$30tr infrastructure investment over the coming 20-30 years in Asia alone, where current government and private equity investments (including all raised funds) only at c.US$500bn over the coming 10 years, where calculations especially regarding climate change will inevitably increase this value.