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Firm Mandate

The Firm has the following mandate: 

"finance sustainable economic growth, provide economic stability, and be a responsible gate-keeper to international capital for long-term social benefit"

This mandate will take generations to achieve, but that is fine - trust is built over time. Our responsibility however is to remember this purpose every day that we serve our clients, investors, and companies needing investment, all of whom play pivotal roles in progressing mankind and society forward. Our role is identifying those suitable partnerships, opportunities, and economic requirements of a place, and mobilising the capital needed to grow those plants. Our background in Architecture and Civil Engineering lends itself to this idealist and blank piece of paper thinking, and also our motivations being aligned with society, not detached from it.


We want to be seen as true guardians of responsible investing and financing, where we become long-term partners for positive change, hence our transparency with remuneration policy, charity, private fund allocation requirements, and purpose, so future partners can see where we are going. Our independent Board of Trustees also hold us to account to ensure we are honestly following this mandate, and upholding the highest moral standards to ensure and keep the public trust. 

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