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Investment Philosophy

Meridian's investment philosophy is based on long-term stability, and ensuring there is a clear social benefit to the investment:

  • Long-term stability means 10+ years of riding shorter-term market volatility, and growing together with the fortunes of an economy, be that a country or specific market sector. This is structural, and gives a different perspective and purpose behind the investment decisions.

  • A clear social benefit means that society needs to be better off as a result of the use of proceeds of that investment. Just like improving air quality, or improving healthcare services, or even the supply of critical raw materials for manufacturing of critical technology for an economy to function, these all result in a social benefit.

These are the two fundamental criteria upon which we assess the full spectrum of investment parameters. In addition to this, we look for long-term investment partners in the companies or projects we finance. This is given the long-term nature of guidance needed, and long-term nature of how long it takes to actually see a positive change, not simple balance-sheet manipulation.


These requirements are embedded within the broader fund credit-risk requirement, diversification allocations, and asset types that give us flexibility in changing market conditions, but overall mean we can ride the waves and stay focused on still creating, supporting companies, and providing social benefit. Specific investment thesis, opinion, and analysis are published in our Investor Portal section for our existing investment partners and companies, which provide deeper insight into our plans and evaluations. 

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