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Nav Kumar - Managing Director


Nav is Managing Director and Co-Founder at Meridian, set up as a strategic Merchant Banking firm supporting financial stability and economic prosperity globally. Nav is a graduate in Architecture (MA Hons) and Civil Engineering (MSc), studying at University of Cambridge and Cardiff University respectively, where his specialty was post-conflict reconstruction and redevelopment, including rapid coastal urbanisation. He practiced as an Architect following graduation, designing hospitals in the UK and Sri Lanka, a mosque in Doha Qatar, schools in the UK, mixed-use developments in Sri Lanka, before moving to Sri Lanka to focus on direct post-conflict redevelopment after the end of the 30-year civil war, contributing to internally displaced people’s housing design, going on to focus on Development Finance through his founded company P1F Limited, raising c.$250m between 2015 and 2019 for development in Sri Lanka. He has presented at the World Economic Forum, UK Government events as part of Belt & Road initiatives in China, and actively advises both private and state-owned enterprises engaged in frontier-market investment and development. Nav has received awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects, and is a member of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects. 


Following the terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday 2019 in Colombo Sri Lanka, he went on to found Meridian as a globally diversified financial firm focused on financing economic and civil stability and economic prosperity. Meridian is now regulated as an Appointed Representative by the FCA in the UK, and 15a-6 Chaperone by the SEC in the US permitting arranging, advisory and mergers and acquisitions regulatory services in the US and UK.


Privately, Nav is a violinist, pianist, painter, enjoys long-distance running, is a private pilot (SEP VFR with the CAA), speaks English and Chinese (Mandarin), and is passionate about using capitalism to support civic stability and economic prosperity.

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