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Remuneration Policy

Meridian Universal (the “Firm”) has instituted a transparent and fair remuneration policy, that allows scope for growth, but does not compromise the integrity of the Meridian Universal Fund (“MUF” or the “Fund”) and independence of the Firm Purpose. The principle responsibility of the Firm is to grow the Fund, thereby increasing our ability to help. One of the primary ways of ensuring this is limiting dividend extraction from the Firm, and putting a cap on salaries and bonuses the Directors and team receive from the Firm. This Remuneration Policy is reviewed and revised annually, on approval by the Board of Directors. 

The Firm also shares a contract with its parent holding company in the form of a contract which binds these Remuneration Policies, especially with regards to dividend policy to its shareholders.


Below is a list of key requirements in the contract:

  1. Shareholders can’t draw more than ten (10) percent in dividends per year of net profits in MUF, which includes Fund interest and dividend income from its investments;

  2. A one-hundred (100) percent vote is needed for investment decisions of the Fund, where we will add safety provisions to ensure no unethical or deliberate blockages of decisions by a single member of the Board of Trustees governing the Fund;

  3. Fund has contract with MU, with invoicing/ service costs paying salaries and costs;

  4. The Board of Trustees will only have a twelve (12) month contract with the Fund, where these positions are not perpetual, for the purpose of ensuring fresh and committed contributions to the Fund purpose and mission;

  5. Ten (10) percent of all net profits from the Fund will be donated to the Charitable Trust, which has its own independent charitable mandate focused on supporting children who have been victims of conflict or abuse;

  6. Ten (10) percent of all net profits go to the state of the United Kingdom, or an equivalent designated state affiliate entity or charity which is officially and publicly recognised (e.g. NHS Charitable Trust), but these funds fundamentally resulting in a contribution to the taxpayers of the United Kingdom;

  7. Salary of all staff at MU and MUF is stipulated in the Remuneration Policy, available to staff members and revised annually

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